Research direction of AI vision correction

The patients and doctors have different questions when they first meet at the doctor’s office. The thing that the patient is most curious about is ‘How well will I see after the surgery?’. In contrast, the first question that doctor has is ‘Is this the eye condition that needs surgery?’ or whether surgery is possible.Continue reading “Research direction of AI vision correction”

Vision Correction Surgery X AI

Can I receive refractive surgery? The cornea is the main element of the eye to be analyzed when determining the viability of refractive surgery. Various measurements regarding the cornea have to be taken to decide if someone can have refractive surgery. This includes: thickness and strength of the cornea, flatness and the overall topography ofContinue reading “Vision Correction Surgery X AI”

AI in Ophthalmology

AI adoption (what, how) AI is so ubiquitous these days that it is almost impossible to do anything without the assistance of an AI machine. What’s even more surprising is that we are not even aware how present AI is in our lives. From the videos we watch on YouTube and TikTok, to the moviesContinue reading “AI in Ophthalmology”

B&VIIT AI Report

We perceive over 80% of external information through our eyes. It is inevitable that poor vision would degrade quality of life. Neuroscientists report that the eyes play a crucial role in brain-related disease, including dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and autism. This would indicate that the organ that best represents the brain is the eye. Even toContinue reading “B&VIIT AI Report”

TVST_January, 2020

In January, 2020, the research paper of B&VIIT AI was published in TVST(Transitional Vision Science & Technology) under the subject of ‘Explainable Machine Learning Approach as a Tool to Understand Factors Used to Select the Refractive Surgery Technique on the Expert Level.’ Abstract Purpose: Recently, laser refractive surgery options, including laser epithelial keratomileusis, laser in situContinue reading “TVST_January, 2020”

Nature Digital Medicine_June, 2019

In June, 2019, the research paper of B&VIIT AI R&D was published in the npj Digital Medicine under the name of Nature Medicine for the first time in the ophthalmology field in Korea. Abstract Recently, it has become more important to screen candidates that undergo corneal refractive surgery to prevent complications. Until now, there isContinue reading “Nature Digital Medicine_June, 2019”

Beyond Vision Correction

People often view the current generation of vision correction as the fourth. However, we proudly proclaim that we are in the fifth generation of vision correction, considering the fact that we have gone beyond the distinction of generations with regard to both experience and equipment and have reached an age when artificial intelligence plays aContinue reading “Beyond Vision Correction”

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