Interview with an Eye Doctor who underwent SMILE surgery

Do eye doctors get vision correction surgeries? In a word, yes! You probably used to read and hear from people that they didn’t want to move forward with laser eye surgery because their ophthalmologist wore glasses or because they were under the impression that no eye surgeons have had the procedure themselves. If this wasContinue reading “Interview with an Eye Doctor who underwent SMILE surgery”

Soo Oh’s SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Soo Oh is a Korean American Influencer who came all the way to South Korea to undergo vision correction surgery in Gangnam B&VIIT Eye Center. She decided that she wanted a better vision and took no time in booking her appointment with us. Soo’s pre op vision was -3.0 on her right eye, and -5.0Continue reading “Soo Oh’s SMILE Eye Surgery Story”

Anisa’s Toric-ICL Eye Surgery Story

Anisa is an Indonesian citizen who chose Korea as her destination of choice to study Quran studies. Anisa has been wearing contact lenses since 5th grade and the discomfort had become unbearable. At this point Anisa decided it’s time to make a permanent change by seeking vision correction and a clinic that could assist her. Continue reading “Anisa’s Toric-ICL Eye Surgery Story”

Paul’s LASIK Eye Surgery Story

Paul is an Australian-born Seoulite who works in the banking sector. Seoul is a city with an endless amount of activities for people who like being active. When we asked Paul what the main reason was for his decision to look for a clinic to do eye surgery he listed playing sports as being aContinue reading “Paul’s LASIK Eye Surgery Story”

Pro Athletes who got Laser Eye Surgery in B&VIIT Eye Center

Vision is indispensable for every physical performance in the field. This explains why so many  pro athletes choose to have laser eye surgery. The list is very long, and it continues to grow. Here are seven South Korean professional athletes who underwent laser eye surgery at B&VIIT Eye Center!  Soccer player, Ga-eul Jeon Ga-eul JeonContinue reading “Pro Athletes who got Laser Eye Surgery in B&VIIT Eye Center”

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and B&VIIT athletes

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has been officially declared open! The games kicked off last Friday, February 4th,2022, and athletes from around the world are gathered in Beijing to compete for gold and glory.  South Korea has secured 10 places in speed skating for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, with brilliant medalists from the previous WinterContinue reading “2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and B&VIIT athletes”

Pape Sy’s SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Pape Sy is from France and works as a data engineer in Korea. He became fed up with steamed up glasses due to the masks he had to wear after COVID-19. During the eye exam, Pape tells us he was made to feel very confident about the service he was receiving due to the treatmentContinue reading “Pape Sy’s SMILE Eye Surgery Story”

Emily’s SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Emily Hall is a native from New Zealand and works for the Kiwi air force. Emily has been wearing glasses since she was twelve and grew tired of how inconvenient it is to wear glasses. Emily tells us she has been wanting to get rid of glasses for a very long time and finally decidedContinue reading “Emily’s SMILE Eye Surgery Story”

Wang’s LASEK Eye Surgery Story

Wang is a financial technician for the Army and has been in Korea for two years. Wang told us he actually did try to do the vision correction with the military because they offer the services for free. But after consulting with the people closest to him he heard that the experience was not upContinue reading “Wang’s LASEK Eye Surgery Story”

Serge’s SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Serge’s girlfriend, who herself had a successful vision correction surgery done at B&VIIT Eye Center, recommended he also do the surgery. Serge took no time in booking his appointment as he could not wait to get rid of his glasses that he had been wearing for around 15 years.  As with most people, Serge alsoContinue reading “Serge’s SMILE Eye Surgery Story”

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