Peter’s ZEISS SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Peter Chun has been in Korea for a little over 2 years and after mentioning to a friend that he wanted to do vision correction they recommended him to B&VIIT vision correction center.  There are a few reasons why Peter wanted to get vision correction.  He was tired of having dry eyes from always wearingContinue reading “Peter’s ZEISS SMILE Eye Surgery Story”

Chamreon’s ZEISS SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Chamreon might be from the beautiful city of Phnom Phen, Cambodia, but he is no stranger to Korea. Chamreon moved to Korea eight years ago to complete his PHd degree. After graduation, Chamreon spent most of his time in the beautiful Eastern coastal city of Gangneug.  In order to pursue his career as a researcherContinue reading “Chamreon’s ZEISS SMILE Eye Surgery Story”

Kimberly’s LASEK Eye Surgery Story

Our next international patient story we have Kimberly Freno from the USA. Kimberly has been living in Korea for 9 years and absolutely loves it. An English teacher by trade who decided to take the opportunity during her holidays to get the procedure so she can rest and recover afterwards.  Kimberly was recommended to visitContinue reading “Kimberly’s LASEK Eye Surgery Story”

Sarah’s ICL Eye Surgery Story

Sarah Wright hails from Arkansas in the USA. She came to Korea as a sports specialist for the military. As one can imagine, being a sport specialist involves a lot of activity, in and outdoors. Being visually impaired can have an immensely impeding effect on life quality, even more so if you are a sportsContinue reading “Sarah’s ICL Eye Surgery Story”

Andrew’s ICL Eye Surgery Story

by Andrew Power_June 21st, 2021 Post-Operative Care – A Physical Training Perspective At the time of writing I am 2 months post-surgery, which I feel is ample time to provide a comprehensive report on the various stages of my post-surgery recovery. First of all, I think it is important to note that I had aContinue reading “Andrew’s ICL Eye Surgery Story”

Cattie’s SMILE LASIK Story

by Cattie Thompson_November 29th, 2020 My story The idea of traveling for a procedure that could change the way I see the world, like SMILE vision correction, never crossed my mind. Never had I dreamed that I would be living in a foreign country looking at cosmetic procedures beyond vision corrective surgery and all within a doableContinue reading “Cattie’s SMILE LASIK Story”

Celebs at B&VIIT

As we all know, A-listers and superstars are still only human like us. This means that just as many celebs need vision correction as your ordinary citizen. The question is, where do they go? The only answer is, B&VIIT! Why they trust us? When it comes to vision correction, we are the preferred choice. ChosenContinue reading “Celebs at B&VIIT”

Foreign patients at B&VIIT

B&VIIT boasts the biggest vision correction facility in Korea and therefore is a very popular choice among foreigners looking to get vision correction. Not only is it the biggest clinic in Korea, but it also boasts some of the best facilities and equipment as well as the use of cutting-edge AI technology to insure absoluteContinue reading “Foreign patients at B&VIIT”

Bastian’s SMILE LASIK Story

According to the WHO around 2.2 billion people suffer from vision impairment worldwide. This includes impairments such as unaddressed refractive errors, cataract, presbyopia etc. It is therefore not a surprise that vision correction has become a booming global industry and Korea is no exception. Korea has over 100 vision correction centers and the biggest oneContinue reading “Bastian’s SMILE LASIK Story”

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