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B&VIIT is providing differentiated service system such as language services and lifetime guarantee of special care program. It is recognized as the best vision correction center in Korea proven by frequent visit of the well-known celebrities, artists, athletes, doctors as well as international clients.

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Interview with an Eye Doctor who underwent SMILE surgery

Do eye doctors get vision correction surgeries? In a word, yes! You probably used to read and hear from people that they didn’t want to move forward with laser eye surgery because their ophthalmologist wore glasses or because they were under the impression that no eye surgeons have had the procedure themselves. If this wasContinue reading “Interview with an Eye Doctor who underwent SMILE surgery”


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We would like to hear your experience at B&VIIT Eye Center. Please send us your story of undergoing a procedure, medical services, detailed examinations and consultation, and so on. It would be much helpful for us to improve our medical services, and for potential clients to choose their clinic and surgery.

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