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As we all know, A-listers and superstars are still only human like us. This means that just as many celebs need vision correction as your ordinary citizen. The question is, where do they go? The only answer is, B&VIIT!

Why they trust us?

When it comes to vision correction, we are the preferred choice. Chosen by a multitude of Korea’s best singers, actors, athletes and influencers.  And it is pretty easy to see why. 

B&VIIT offers one day vision correction options, which means you can come in, have your examinations done, get your DNA tested, decide on your vision correction method (after consultation with the doctor), AND have the procedure done! All in just one day. 

B&VIIT also boasts the largest single vision correction facility in Korea! This means that operations run smoothly, effectively and professionally. Going to get a vision correction surgery is now no different to simply just going for a dental check-up. A simple in and out. 

Our clinic has pioneered the worlds first AI vision correction system that assists ophthalmologists by confirming their vision correction method recommendation, in real time. This means that you have double the guarantee that your correction method is the best for you.

But more than anything, the reason why B&VIIT is so well trusted among celebrities is because of consistently delivering terrific results over the last 26 years. B&VIIT has performed over 500,000 successful vision correction surgeries. Those are the type of numbers you can trust. 

Celebs are people just like us

It’s easy to separate ourselves from celebs and believe that they were born with super human abilities. Or, without any type of impairments. But the truth is, A-list actors are just as much human as we are. Therefore, procedures like root-canals, hair transplants, and especially vision correction, is pretty common place among the social elites. 

The reason our patients love us, is because we treat every single one of our patients as if they are the most important person. Regardless of status or salary, our goal is to provide the most honest and effective service that we can. This means changing lives by making sure people smile when they leave the clinic.

Celebs that wear glasses and Celebs that have had vision correction

When coming in for vision correction, and upon completing your eye examination, you will be given a choice of options to choose from. These range from LASIK, LASEK, SMILE and PIOL (Lens implantation).

Here is a list of celebs who have had vision correction.

LASEK: Chanyeol (EXO), Gray, EunHyuk (Super Junior), SeoHyun (Girls Generation)

LASIK: Hyun-jin Seo, Yoon-seok Kim, Victoria Song (fx), Taeyeon (Girl’s Generation)

SMILE: Chen (EXO), Jisoo (Lovelyz), Kid Milli, Juhaknyeon (The Boyz), Eric (The Boyz), Kevin (The Boyz), Jacob (The Boyz)

PIOL (Lens implant): Jung-suk Jo, Eunseo (Comic Girls), Lady Jane

This is just to mention some of the famous people who have trusted us with their eys. Surely if they can trust us, anyone can!


Contact us to get started on your vision correction journey with 11 ophthalmologists and 150 medical staff members at B&VIIT Eye Center.

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