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What is the reason for choosing an ophthalmic clinic for your vision correction surgery?

Recommendation from friends? Many celebrity surgery cases? Large scale of hospital? Famous doctors? Great number of surgery cases? Long history?

These cannot justify your choice of ophthalmic clinic for your surgery that you will undergo once in your life.

Make sure to check the best system that the ophthalmic clinic is equipped with to ensure the best surgical results and safety.

“B&VIIT can offer a proven track record.”

Eye Care Supplement

B&VIIT has been involved with vision correction for almost three decades now. The clinic started out as a small practice performing vision correction according to the best available technology at that time. Over time the clinic has grown immensely.Continue reading “Eye Care Supplement”

Dry eye self-test

Introduction In order to understand what the ocular surface disease index is, first we need to understand a little more about what an ocular surface disease is. What is OSD? An ocular surface disease indicates some sort of damageContinue reading “Dry eye self-test”


Astigmatism is also one of those confusing medical terms that people don’t know the meaning of and also don’t dare ask. In actual fact if you have read our article on Myopia and Hyperopia then you are already halfwayContinue reading “Astigmatism”

Myopia and Hyperopia

When discussing matters of eyesight, it is common to hear phrases like: Myopia, Hyperopia, Retina, lens etc. thrown around. But does anybody actually know what any of these terms mean? The real truth is that most people just nodContinue reading “Myopia and Hyperopia”

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