Sarah’s ICL Eye Surgery Story

Sarah Wright hails from Arkansas in the USA. She came to Korea as a sports specialist for the military. As one can imagine, being a sport specialist involves a lot of activity, in and outdoors. Being visually impaired can have an immensely impeding effect on life quality, even more so if you are a sports lover. 

Sarah had been wearing glasses for about 15 years by the time she visited our clinic. And wearing glasses when you love playing soccer, volleyball, basketball and golf can get annoying. After years of putting up with losing contacts and being worried if she forgot to take it out before sleeping, Sarah decided to get something more permanent.

Sarah first discovered B&VIIT after searching: “number one eye clinic in Korea.” and finding B&VIIT listed as the top clinic. She then proceeded to call the English number on the website and was connected to our English patient manager, Rosa. 

After Sarah came into the clinic and had her eye examination with the assistance of Rosa, she was informed that due to thin corneas she is not eligible for laser surgery but was good to receive ICL surgery.

Sarah had no problem getting the ICL procedure as she kind of knew what to expect due to her brother having the surgery. Her brother had it done with a military doctor and shared his experience with her. According to Sarah the procedure was much better with B&VIIT. 

During the procedure Sarah noted she could feel some pressure on the eye but no pain at all. Right after the surgery Sarah was already able to see way better than she could before as she was able to see objects clearly that had appeared blurry before. 

After the ICL procedure she was taken to the post operative room where she stayed for an hour so that the doctors could monitor her condition. 

Another successful vision correction procedure at B&VIIT!

Check out her real story about ICL surgery.

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