Kimberly’s LASEK Eye Surgery Story

Our next international patient story we have Kimberly Freno from the USA. Kimberly has been living in Korea for 9 years and absolutely loves it. An English teacher by trade who decided to take the opportunity during her holidays to get the procedure so she can rest and recover afterwards. 

Kimberly was recommended to visit our clinic by a friend who had previously gotten the procedure at B&VIIT and was very satisfied. 

Kimberly did a simple internet search for B&VIIT and found our English site. After which she proceeded to contact our international patient manager, Rosa. Kimberly asked if she could do the procedure the same day and we informed her of our same day procedure option. 

During our one day procedure patients can come in, do their eye examinations, consult with the doctor, do the procedure and go home all in the space of 4 or 5 hours.

During the pre procedure princess Kimberly moved between the various machines in order to test her eye condition. Around 60 different tests are conducted during this time in order to check the eye’s condition. After the tests the consultant informed Kimberly she has bad eyes with thin cornea and would only be able to get LASEK + Xtra(Cross-Linking) surgery. Xtra(Cross-Linking) is to prevent keratectasia that can potentially occur after surgery although very rare. Also, it substantially reduces the possibility of myopic regression while strengthening the cornea by absorbing riboflavin(vitamin B2).

For the LASEK procedure, Kimberley was taken to the surgery room where she had numbing drops administered and after that laid down on the machine that would complete the refractive surgery. Kimberly told us she felt no pain but that she could definitely smell something. After about 10 minutes the entire surgery was done. 

Post procedure Kimberly rested in the recovery room for about 20 minutes and was sent home after the doctors decided she was in good condition. After 3 days of just staying home and resting, Kimberly told us she was feeling very good and her vision had already markedly improved!

At B&VIIT we treat every patient like a VIP member because every patient is a VIP member! 

Check out her real story about LASEK+Xtra(Cross Linking) surgery.

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