Paul’s LASIK Eye Surgery Story

Paul is an Australian-born Seoulite who works in the banking sector. Seoul is a city with an endless amount of activities for people who like being active. When we asked Paul what the main reason was for his decision to look for a clinic to do eye surgery he listed playing sports as being a big reason for his choice. 

Paul is a big time snowboarder who loves hitting the slopes and shredding some gnar in the winter. Korea is a perfect spot for snowboarding due to the close proximity of snowy mountains to Seoul. Besides winter sports, Paul also loves summer activities like cycling, tennis and of course hitting the gym. 

As most people do, Paul did a quick google search and found B&VIIT the top of the search results. After doing a thorough amount of his own research Paul then also confirmed whether B&VIIT was a reliable clinic by inquiring to his co-workers whether they knew of B&VIIT, and one of his Korean colleagues actually had also done vision correction with B&VIIT.

After an eye examination of 2-3 hours, Paul met with the doctor to decide which procedure would be best suited for Paul. After checking Paul’s schedule he confirmed a date and completed his procedure. He was eligible for LASIK and LASEK. After some consideration, Paul chose the less invasive and newer technique, LASIK. Even though both are extremely safe, LASIK is a more modern method. 

The day of the surgery Paul reported a little bit of blurriness, but the day after the surgery was much better, “a new day” in Paul’s words. 

Paul had a pre-op score of 0.3 (or 20/70) and a post-op score of 1.2 (or 20/17). With this change Paul no longer needs his glasses which is really convenient considering he does not have to wake up in the morning, feeling around, trying to find his glasses. Besides that, now Paul is free to partake in his favorite sports completely unimpeded. 

A clean and clinical hospital is what Paul wanted, and it’s exactly what he got. Thanks for the confidence, Paul. 

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