Chamreon’s ZEISS SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Chamreon might be from the beautiful city of Phnom Phen, Cambodia, but he is no stranger to Korea. Chamreon moved to Korea eight years ago to complete his PHd degree. After graduation, Chamreon spent most of his time in the beautiful Eastern coastal city of Gangneug.  In order to pursue his career as a researcher Chamreon moved to Seoul to further complete his work. 

After eight long years Chamreon decided it is time to return home to his native Cambodia, but not before taking full advantage of the outstanding medical services offered in Seoul. It was time to do vision correction surgery.

After twenty long years of wearing glasses, Chamreon had had it enough. He tells us that some of the inconveniences that he experienced in daily life while wearing glasses included things like: the glasses continuously fogging up while working with steam. Or, not being able to find your glasses in the morning which can cause time delays and frustration. 

Chamreon told us he was quite afraid of getting vision correction surgery but as he was going back home, it was now or never. Luckily he was eligible for SMILE which is the option that he was most hoping for. The reason for this is the low invasiveness level of SMILE surgery. 

Chamreon underwent SMILE and told us that it went by really quickly and that he experienced no pain. Right after his surgery he told us he could immediately tell the difference. Life is so much better without glasses was the last thing he told us, and we are grateful for it!

Check out his real story about SMILE surgery.

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