Peter’s ZEISS SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Peter Chun has been in Korea for a little over 2 years and after mentioning to a friend that he wanted to do vision correction they recommended him to B&VIIT vision correction center. 

There are a few reasons why Peter wanted to get vision correction. 

  1. He was tired of having dry eyes from always wearing contact lenses, taking them in and out every day. 
  2. Another thing Peter mentioned was that playing sports was an extreme inconvenience, especially since he loves basketball. Playing basketball with specs, as one can imagine, is no fun.

Peter underwent SMILE and told us one of the things that impressed him the most was the helpful staff that was able to guide him all the way through the testing stage and surgery stage. 

During the one month post op check up, Peter told us his vision is way better and that he does not suffer from dry eyes anymore! Another added benefit is that he can now play sports, especially basketball, and even reported an increase in his game. Great news!


Why do most patients prefer to get SMILE vision correction when they are eligible for options? The reason is that SMILE is widely regarded as the least invasive vision correction method. It also has a dramatically shorter recovery period which means patients can get back to normal life, much quicker. 

Check out his real story about SMILE surgery.

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