Serge’s SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Serge’s girlfriend, who herself had a successful vision correction surgery done at B&VIIT Eye Center, recommended he also do the surgery. Serge took no time in booking his appointment as he could not wait to get rid of his glasses that he had been wearing for around 15 years. 

As with most people, Serge also had the typical fears surrounding vision correction surgery like: going blind, having a laser in your eye and it being extremely painful. But after meeting with our friendly staff and professional doctors, Serge’s fears were allayed. 

Serge conducted his eye examination by undergoing thorough testing through more than 15 machines. After consultation on his options, Serge chose SMILE laser eye surgery, which is the newest method of vision correction. 

When describing the actual surgery which only takes around 10 minutes, Serge tells us he remembers lying down and seeing a green light enter his eyes. He became blind for a few seconds and then in a few minutes he stood up and was able to see better than before!

Life quality has increased an immeasurable amount now that Serge can move freely and enjoy life without the added burden of wearing glasses or having to put contacts in. 

Check out his real story about SMILE surgery.

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