Wang’s LASEK Eye Surgery Story

Wang is a financial technician for the Army and has been in Korea for two years. Wang told us he actually did try to do the vision correction with the military because they offer the services for free. But after consulting with the people closest to him he heard that the experience was not up to standard provided by the military and instead opted to go with a trusted clinic like B&VIIT Eye Center.

After undergoing his 2 hour examination, Wang was informed that he was eligible for all the procedures, LASEK, LASIK and SMILE. Wang chose LASEK surgery. LASEK is very well known and is a method that has been used for around twenty years now. Whereas SMILE has only been around for four or five years. In the end both surgery methods are very safe and trusted and both have their own pros and cons. Wang decided to go with the more conventional time-trusted method of LASEK.

Most patients are a little nervous before the procedure and Wang was no different. This is very normal as we place a lot of value on the function of our eyes. But after the surgery going by so quickly and being near painless, most patients end up leaving the clinic feeling completely relieved about how their fear/anxiety was completely overblown.

One of the noticeable changes Wang had was that he now can do PT in the morning without worrying about his glasses. Whereas in the past they were always dropping down or falling off. 

Wang told us B&VIIT was “a fantastic experience” and “very professional” and that he now trusts the technology! Thanks Wang! We hope those morning PT sessions are a bit better now that you can see. 

Check out his real story about LASEK surgery.

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