Laser Eye Surgery FAQs – Part 2

In our previous blog we discussed some of the most frequently asked questions regarding vision correction. Questions such as: ‘What is the downtime after the surgery?’, ‘How long do I need to stay in Korea after the surgery?’ and ‘How often do I need to come back for a postoperative check-up?’

In this blog we will take a look at more frequently asked questions that our patients have before undergoing vision correction surgery. 

How long do I need to use eye drops or medication?

Firstly, it is not advisable to undergo surgery if you suffer from pre-existing dry eyes. Vision correction can cause your eyes to become more dry and if you already have dry eyes it might cause irreversible damage to your eyes. A non surgical option might be the best option for you in this case. 

As stated in our first blog, healing time varies depending on each individual and of course some patients heal much faster than others. The reason for the dry eye is that during the procedure nerves are damaged that assist with tear production. Don’t worry these nerves will heal after the surgery.

In most cases, patients will need to use eye drops for at least a month. Drops help keep the eyes moist and assist in alleviating discomfort and irritation. 

When it comes to artificial tears you can use them as frequently as as desired for at least 3 months and longer if required.

When can I drive again? 

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions is how long after vision correction surgery can a person drive. As we have explained above, each surgery is different and also each person is different. But as a rough guide.

SMILE/LASIK: Patients can expect to be ready to resume driving around 2-3 days after SMILE and LASIK surgery.

LASEK: For LASEK the time required before driving is a little longer. We recommend that patients wait at least 5 days post op before getting behind the wheel of a car.

In order to do an easy evaluation on whether you are ready to drive again. We recommend that patients take a drive with someone, and while seated in the passenger seat try and determine how good your vision is. If you can see clearly then you are fine to drive again. 

When can I have double eyelid surgery?

Double eyelid surgery is a type of surgery that creates creases in the upper eyelids. Some people are born with double eyelids and some are not. Double eyelid surgery has become very popular in recent years and so many people come to Korea for double eyelid surgery.

If you are looking to do double eyelid surgery and vision correction, B&VIIT recommends at least a month after the double eyelid procedure before getting vision correction. 

Both eye surgery and vision correction surgery causes dry eyes and doing one before you have fully recovered from the other surgery increases the risk of excessive dry eyes. Another issue is that after double eyelid surgery, closing of the eyes may be difficult due to swelling which then further aggravates the problem of dry eyes.

The procedure you choose to do first depends on your preference and priority. The best option however is to fully discuss your entire medical plan before undergoing either surgery. 

When can I have eyelash perm or extension?

Another question that we get frequently asked is how long after vision correction surgery can you have eyelash extensions or perms done. 

At a bare minimum we recommend that patients wait at least 4 weeks before getting eyelash extension. During the first few weeks your eyes are going to be very dry and you want to avoid extra irritation on the eyes which might prolong the healing process. 

Another reason to avoid extension is due to the fact that extensions are glued onto the eyelids. The compounds that the glue is made of can enter the eye and cause infections. 

When can I have hair perm or dyeing?

It is advised to have hair perm or hair dyeing at least 4 weeks after the laser eye surgery. Therefore, if you need to perm or dye your hair, please do this at least 3 days before the surgery.

When can I smoke or drink again?

It is advised to start drinking alcohol and smoking from 2 weeks after the surgery.

When can I exercise again?

Light exercise including jogging and stretching can be proceeded from 2 week after the surgery. Strenuous exercise including boxing and ball game can be proceeded 1 month after the surgery.

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