Emily’s SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Emily Hall is a native from New Zealand and works for the Kiwi air force. Emily has been wearing glasses since she was twelve and grew tired of how inconvenient it is to wear glasses. Emily tells us she has been wanting to get rid of glasses for a very long time and finally decided to do it after she felt her eyes had finished developing. According to Emily, getting vision correction in New Zealand is quite expensive and so the decision just made more sense while she was in Korea. In New Zealand, vision correction surgery can be as much as 5000 USD, double the price than in Korea.

Emily was introduced to B&VIIT by a military acquaintance who recommended B&VIIT as the best vision correction clinic, especially for expats as our services are particularly easy to use for English speakers.

Emily was eligible for all three procedures after she completed her eye tests. She ended up choosing SMILE, which is one of the newest procedures and also has the benefit of being the procedure that has the quickest recovery time and the least amount of downtime. She was specifically happy about the fact that she could go back to work the following day after the surgery. 

After surgery Emily’s visual acuity score was 20/17 which was even better than the expected 20/20. 

Emily says that right after the surgery her vision was already better than it had been since she could remember. Especially being in planes and flying a lot she had eyes that were constantly dry due to contact lenses.

When asked about the clinic Emily told us she really loved how clean, thorough and structured the procedure was.

After the surgery she says that life is just so much more amazing.

Check out her real story about SMILE surgery.

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