Pape Sy’s SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Pape Sy is from France and works as a data engineer in Korea. He became fed up with steamed up glasses due to the masks he had to wear after COVID-19.

During the eye exam, Pape tells us he was made to feel very confident about the service he was receiving due to the treatment at the clinic. This was especially true after he had gone through a myriad of eye tests in order to determine the type of surgery that he was eligible for. 

Speed is the name of the game and Pape says that everything happened really quick. From the check in, eye exams, surgery and post op check up. One thing that really stood out to Pape was the thorough explanation he received from the Doctor regarding the actual process of the procedure. 

Pape says he couldn’t believe that it would be possible to not have to wear glasses. But after the surgery he was always asking his friends what they could see and comparing his vision to theirs. 

Pape continued to use his eye drops and artificial tears and because of this he never had any issues with dry eyes. After a few weeks he reports feeling that he could even go for a few days without using his drops. 

The reason he chose SMILE surgery is he did not want to experience any pain. Pape described the pain as lasting just 3 hours and it being equivalent to cutting onions. 

Pape’s end result was also 20/17 and he said he did not even think it was possible to have such good vision. 

Check out his real story about SMILE surgery.

He also uploaded his experiences at B&VIIT to his YouTube Channel. Although it is in French, it is possible to check every step of thorough eye exams and how it feels like after the surgery.

Check out the first video of eye exam and after the surgery!

Check out the second video of 1 month postoperative check-up. He interviewed Dr. Choi Hannuy who performed his SMILE surgery about most frequently asked questions from his subscribers.

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