Soo Oh’s SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Soo Oh is a Korean American Influencer who came all the way to South Korea to undergo vision correction surgery in Gangnam B&VIIT Eye Center. She decided that she wanted a better vision and took no time in booking her appointment with us. Soo’s pre op vision was -3.0 on her right eye, and -5.0 on the left eye, which is fairly poor and she couldn’t wait to get rid of her glasses with ultra-thick lens.

After undergoing her 2 hour examination and 1:1 consultation, she decided to get SMILE one-day surgery and the reason why she chose this method is because it is the newest type of laser eye surgery and the least invasive with the fastest recovery time.

One-day surgery is preferred by many patients as we can arrange the schedule for examination in the morning and surgery in the afternoon on the same day for vision correction surgery. Soo came in for the examination in the morning and received her surgery a couple hours later, which was timely and effortless for her.

In her vlog Soo talks about surgery precautions and what not to do before the surgery, such as no applying makeup, perfume or sunscreen before surgery. When describing the surgery which only takes about 10 minutes, Soo tells us that right after the surgery her vision was quite blurry, but over the course of the day, she actually felt her eyesight getting better. She also tells us she got her blood drawn before going into the surgery, so they can make an eye drop made with her blood which can help her eyes recover faster. They are called autologous serum eye drops and they are a special eye drop made from by the patients’ blood and it has excellent effects on the restoration minute wounds on the eyeballs by suppressing inflammation.

It’s been over 5 months since her surgery, and Soo is ecstatic about her new and improved vision as they are 1.2 (20/17) with both eyes. She says getting laser vision correction surgery was “the best investment” she has ever made. Life quality has improved greatly and now Soo can explore Korea with crystal clear vision, not having to worry about glasses or contacts.

Check out Soo’s vlog on her SMILE surgery!

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