Why B&VIIT Eye Center for Vision Correction Surgery?

Is your mind boggling over which vision correction center to go to? Well, here’s an easy answer for you, Gangnam’s finest B&VIIT Eye Center!

Located in the heart of Seoul, B&VIIT Eye Center is an ultra-modern ophthalmic clinic that provides various vision correction surgery options for all ages ranging from myopia control in adolescence to refractive surgery in seniors. Established in 1994, we are the first generation eye center for vision correction center in Korea. Over the past 28 years, we have collected data on over 500,000 eyes, and with this data we ceaselessly research and analyze on the topic of vision correction to help people see a brighter world.

B&VIIT’s AI Vision Correction System

With the development of technology, the world of ophthalmology has made advancements in vision correction surgery from the first generation LASEK to fourth generation SMILE. It doesn’t mean that a specific surgery is better than another, as there are pros and cons to each. Every individual’s eyes are different in refractive power, corneal shape and pupil size, and this is why each patient needs a specific surgical procedure based on their unique eye conditions. In this respect, the next generation vision correction surgery needs to be customized through A.I. and B&VIIT is proudly leading the way as we developed the world’s first artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology for vision correction. Our A.I. system has compiled the surgical data of around 500,000 eyes and studies more than 20,000 eyes every year. Based on the accumulated data, we are able to provide our patients an optimized and personalized vision correction method more objectively. A.I. based techniques are being used in B&VIIT Eye Center to reduce surgical errors and possible side effects, and even tell you the expected visual acuity after surgery. Furthermore, B&VIIT’s research paper on A.I. was listed in the world’s most prestigious academic journal, “Nature Digital Medicine”, once again proving that we are taking the lead in the field of artificial intelligence in vision correction.

B&VIIT Eye Exams

Many patients who visit B&VIIT Eye Center often say the same thing, and that is how amazed they are at our thorough examination process. We takes pride in our high quality examination system.

Proficient testing is vital for successful surgical results and we conduct it in 15 steps and 6o kind of examinations. The tests take around 2-3 hours which includes checking for your vision, cornea, glaucoma, retina, cataract, night glare, dry eye syndrome, and a DNA test. In fact, B&VIIT Eye Center was the first eye center in South Korea to introduce the “Avellino Lab Universal Test”. The Avellino DNA test is a method of examining five types of corneal dystrophy at once to prevent the possibility of blindness, and by doing so, it enables safer and more reliable vision correction for our patients. All exams are performed by highly trained medical staff in a systematic manner, utilizing the latest testing equipment to ensure safety and accuracy of the test results.

Cutting-Edge Laser System

B&VIIT Eye Center currently owns 4 types and 7 units of most advanced lasers. A combination of the latest technology and the B&VIIT’s clinical expertise generate the best surgical results which guarantee both safety and vision quality. With the latest and the best lasers like VisuMax, EX500, Amaris Red, and LenSx, B&VIIT is able to provide an individually tailored laser eye surgery for our patients. As it happens, we are the world’s first and only eye center that operates THREE VisuMax models! VisuMax is the only laser in the world that can perform SMILE surgery, and with this highly differentiated femtosecond laser, it’s possible to have a quicker surgery with much less damage to your cornea, thus minimizing pain and side effects. On top of that B&VIIT only performs only all-laser LASIK rather than less expensive blade LASIK in order to ensure greater safety and higher quality, so you are in excellent hands of our state-of-the-art technology and B&VIIT’s medical team!

Myopic Regression & FREE Second Laser Surgery

Even though laser vision correction is a safe and effective, there is always a possibility of myopic regression in the future even though it is rare. If our patients do happen to experience this in the future, they can receive their second laser eye surgery free of charge at B&VIIT Eye Center. Just keep in mind, if you undergo SMILE as your first surgery, the, second operation must be performed in method of LASEK.

B&VIIT & Seoul Medical Tourism Alliance

Seoul Medical Tourism Alliance is created for the purpose of promoting medical tourism for international visitors in the city of Seoul. B&VIIT is thrilled to be affiliated with this organization as we were recognized by the Korean government as an institution that provides outstanding medical service to foreign patients. Another reason why you should choose B&VIIT!

B&VIIT Celebrities

Laser eye surgery improves the quality of your life drastically. Even the hottest celebrities, athletes, and singers are lining up at B&VIIT to receive laser eye surgery. If you’re curious about which celebrities have visited B&VIIT, check out our website to take a peak if your favorite celebrity has gotten their laser eye surgery here!

You can now see how B&VIIT Eye Center paves the way for the development of ophthalmology and continue to make keen effort for our patients’ safety and satisfaction!

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B&VIIT Eye Center is an ultra-modern, Korea's representative ophthalmic clinic that has successfully accomplished vision correction surgeries on over 500,000 eyes for 27 years.

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