One-day laser eye surgery at B&VIIT

Nobody likes spending time at the doctor, and if you do, you are definitely in the minority. But for most people, doctors visits usually involve getting something fixed that is broken. Given this fact most people find it preferable to spend as little time at the hospital or clinic as possible. Well at B&VIIT weContinue reading “One-day laser eye surgery at B&VIIT”

How much does laser eye surgery cost in Korea?

What determines cost if vision correction The cost of vision correction varies greatly across the world. As with all things related to cost, prices are determined by supply and demand, inflation, exchange rates and also minimum wages, to name just a few. This means that sometimes the price of goods or services will cost wayContinue reading “How much does laser eye surgery cost in Korea?”

Eye Care Supplement

B&VIIT has been involved with vision correction for almost three decades now. The clinic started out as a small practice performing vision correction according to the best available technology at that time. Over time the clinic has grown immensely. The clinic now has ten ophthalmologists and has been performing vision correction procedures for 27 years.Continue reading “Eye Care Supplement”

Good Habits for Eye Care

Introduction (Prevention is better than cure) Prevention is better than cure. Surely you must have heard this many times before. This holds very true when it comes to eye care. When it comes to our eyes each and every person should be taking proactive steps to make sure you retain good eye health for asContinue reading “Good Habits for Eye Care”

Macular Degeneration

In the previous article we looked at the retina, specifically its location in the eye, what its function is and how it operates. In this article we will take a closer look at Macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is a type of retina disease and also very common among retina problems. Macular degeneration is the mostContinue reading “Macular Degeneration”

Personalized process of examination for custom Ortho-K lens

Intro B&VIIT is regarded as one of the leading vision correction clinics in Korea for a variety of reasons. Since it is the biggest clinic in Korea, B&VIIT uses AI technology to evaluate and diagnose patients with over 500,000 successful vision correction surgery cases. Another great service B&VIIT offers is it’s customized care. Customized optionsContinue reading “Personalized process of examination for custom Ortho-K lens”

What is the retina and how does it assist with vision?

Basic breakdown of the eye In order to understand the retina and the functions it serves, we need to first take a look at the human eye. The eye consists of many different and complex parts, but we will only describe the main parts of the eye and how they relate to the retina. HowContinue reading “What is the retina and how does it assist with vision?”

B&VIIT Eye Care System

What is dry eye syndrome? In our previous blog we took a look at what an ocular surface disease is, the most common of which is Dry eye syndrome and we also looked at how the OSDI, ocular surface disease index, is used to determine dry eye syndrome and also the severity, if it isContinue reading “B&VIIT Eye Care System”

Dry eye self-test

Introduction In order to understand what the ocular surface disease index is, first we need to understand a little more about what an ocular surface disease is. What is OSD? An ocular surface disease indicates some sort of damage to the front or surface layers of the eyes. The surface layers are called the corneaContinue reading “Dry eye self-test”

Vision correction for kids

Why vision is important Obviously it doesn’t need to be stated how much we value our eyesight. Conducting any type of basic or simple task is extremely difficult when our vision is impaired. Having better vision for longer periods of our life allows us to experience a better quality of life. It is for thisContinue reading “Vision correction for kids”

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