Suitable cataract candidates and conservative approach

Intro on what is cataracts (link to previous article)  As mentioned in the previous article here(link) cataracts are another cause of vision impairment amongst the elderly. Cataracts appear as protein in the eye starts to degenerate due to age, which causes a cloudy appearance,  due to a protein deficiency in the eye which causes aContinue reading “Suitable cataract candidates and conservative approach”

Presbyopia and Cataracts

Intro  Have you ever wondered why when you show somebody something in a book, or on your phone, they take the screen and recoil their head while extending their hand far out ahead of them? As if you handed them a smelly sock. Or, more importantly, have you ever been the person extending your armContinue reading “Presbyopia and Cataracts”

Eleven Options at B&VIIT

What people think of when they hear vision correction – Lasek Most people when thinking about vision correction still think of LASEK. As it was the first widely adopted and reliable procedure, it’s the go to very any type of vision correction conversation. In fact, many people even use the words vision correction and LASEKContinue reading “Eleven Options at B&VIIT”

Why is One-day PIOL possible in Korea?

What is PIOL? Before we can understand the ‘why’ we have to comprehend the ‘what’. So what is PIOL? PIOL or, Phakic intraocular lens, is a modern vision correction surgery technique that was developed for patients who are not good candidates for laser surgery, like LASEK, LASIK or SMILE. PIOL is an implantable lens inContinue reading “Why is One-day PIOL possible in Korea?”

Precautions before and after surgery

Need to know Precautions to vision correction procedures are just as important as the actual procedure. Having vision correction surgery done is joint responsibility by the clinic, the doctor and YOU, the patient. The way you take care of yourself before and after your correction greatly affect the efficacy and success of your procedure. WeContinue reading “Precautions before and after surgery”

How lasers have changed vision correction

Brief history of vision correction Vision impairment is a problem that has plagued mammals for millennia. The first solution to fixing vision problems was to use glasses in order to rectify poor vision. The first glasses were developed as far back as the 13th century. They were made in a northern Italian city called Pisa.Continue reading “How lasers have changed vision correction”


Astigmatism is also one of those confusing medical terms that people don’t know the meaning of and also don’t dare ask. In actual fact if you have read our article on Myopia and Hyperopia then you are already halfway there to understanding what astigmatism is.  What is astigmatism? So, what exactly is astigmatism? A normal,Continue reading “Astigmatism”

Myopia and Hyperopia

When discussing matters of eyesight, it is common to hear phrases like: Myopia, Hyperopia, Retina, lens etc. thrown around. But does anybody actually know what any of these terms mean? The real truth is that most people just nod in agreement, without understanding some of the basic problems that might be causing vision impairment. InContinue reading “Myopia and Hyperopia”

Vision correction – Why some people can choose their procedure and other can’t

How vision correction helps us and common misunderstandings Vision correction is an extremely confusing topic for most people. Regardless of what country you come from. From the examination process, to the choices available and even the down time and pain levels. Patients frequently say the same things, “I’m scared of the pain of LASEK soContinue reading “Vision correction – Why some people can choose their procedure and other can’t”

COVID-19 Prevention System

Korea’s Coronavirus response has been heralded as one of the best globally, particularly when it comes to how swift the country’s reaction to the virus has been. Korea wasted no time in implementing strong measures to curb the spread of the virus, without curbing citizens freedom of movement. Instead of enforcing a national lockdown, KoreaContinue reading “COVID-19 Prevention System”

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