Korea’s Excellence in Vision Correction Surgery for Medical Tourists

In recent years, South Korea has emerged as a global hub for medical tourism, offering world-class healthcare services in various specialties. One particularly popular field that has gained international acclaim is vision correction surgery. South Korea is known for its advanced medical technology, skilled surgeons, and patient-centered care. Subsequently, it has become a preferred destinationContinue reading “Korea’s Excellence in Vision Correction Surgery for Medical Tourists”

5 Differences between ICL Surgery and Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery has become synonymous with vision correction surgery but there are different types of surgery out there. One of the most recent advancements in Refractive Surgery is a procedure where a special lens is inserted into the patient’s eye to correct a person’s vision. This procedure uses what is called an Implantable CollamerContinue reading “5 Differences between ICL Surgery and Laser Eye Surgery”

TVST_January, 2020

In January, 2020, the research paper of B&VIIT AI was published in TVST(Transitional Vision Science & Technology) under the subject of ‘Explainable Machine Learning Approach as a Tool to Understand Factors Used to Select the Refractive Surgery Technique on the Expert Level.’ Abstract Purpose: Recently, laser refractive surgery options, including laser epithelial keratomileusis, laser in situContinue reading “TVST_January, 2020”

Nature Digital Medicine_June, 2019

In June, 2019, the research paper of B&VIIT AI R&D was published in the npj Digital Medicine under the name of Nature Medicine for the first time in the ophthalmology field in Korea. Abstract Recently, it has become more important to screen candidates that undergo corneal refractive surgery to prevent complications. Until now, there isContinue reading “Nature Digital Medicine_June, 2019”

Beyond Vision Correction

People often view the current generation of vision correction as the fourth. However, we proudly proclaim that we are in the fifth generation of vision correction, considering the fact that we have gone beyond the distinction of generations with regard to both experience and equipment and have reached an age when artificial intelligence plays aContinue reading “Beyond Vision Correction”

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