Sunglasses Choosing Tips according to an Ophthalmologist!

Available in many shapes and styles, sunglasses are more than fashion accessories. They are important tools to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and sun damage! At B&VIIT Eye Center, we offer patients a wide selection of the best sunglass wear. Everyone can find a pair that works for them! To help you makeContinue reading ” Sunglasses Choosing Tips according to an Ophthalmologist!”

Can laser eye surgery be covered by insurance?

Can my insurance cover my laser eye surgery? – is one of the most common questions we get asked by our patients. The answer is, it depends. Some private insurance can, but it is required to be checked individually. Laser eye surgery is elective surgery, meaning it’s optional, and therefore not medically necessary. While patientsContinue reading “Can laser eye surgery be covered by insurance?”

Why B&VIIT Eye Center for Vision Correction Surgery?

Is your mind boggling over which vision correction center to go to? Well, here’s an easy answer for you, Gangnam’s finest B&VIIT Eye Center! Located in the heart of Seoul, B&VIIT Eye Center is an ultra-modern ophthalmic clinic that provides various vision correction surgery options for all ages ranging from myopia control in adolescence toContinue reading Why B&VIIT Eye Center for Vision Correction Surgery?

Korea’s Medical Tourism

South Korea is one of the most famous medical tourism destinations in the world. According to the Korea Tourism Organization’s ‘2017 survey on Korean medical and wellness tourism,’ Korea was the third country after the United States and Germany as the destination for medical tourism. Around 500,000 foreigners traveled to South Korea in 2019 asContinue reading “Korea’s Medical Tourism”

Great places to go and experience after laser eye surgery

Before we dig into some great hidden gems in Seoul, you need to keep in mind that you should rest for the first 24 hours after getting your surgery before doing anything.  Here are few things you should avoid after laser eye surgery: Do not rub or put pressure on your eyes at all costs.Continue reading “Great places to go and experience after laser eye surgery”

Laser eye surgery VS wearing glasses/contact lens. What makes more sense?

When considering vision correction people are always comparing glasses and contacts to vision correction. Those are the three options for anyone with poor vision. Lets take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each one and then make a comparative analysis of which one is the best. 

How much does laser eye surgery cost in Korea?

What determines cost if vision correction The cost of vision correction varies greatly across the world. As with all things related to cost, prices are determined by supply and demand, inflation, exchange rates and also minimum wages, to name just a few. This means that sometimes the price of goods or services will cost wayContinue reading “How much does laser eye surgery cost in Korea?”

Eye Care Supplement

B&VIIT has been involved with vision correction for almost three decades now. The clinic started out as a small practice performing vision correction according to the best available technology at that time. Over time the clinic has grown immensely. The clinic now has ten ophthalmologists and has been performing vision correction procedures for 27 years.Continue reading “Eye Care Supplement”

Good Habits for Eye Care

Introduction (Prevention is better than cure) Prevention is better than cure. Surely you must have heard this many times before. This holds very true when it comes to eye care. When it comes to our eyes each and every person should be taking proactive steps to make sure you retain good eye health for asContinue reading “Good Habits for Eye Care”


By public transportation Please get off at Gangnam station (line number 2), and use exit #9. Go straight for about 3 minutes, then you will see a wavy structured building on your right. By car Preoperative examination / surgery Use the parking lot in the ‘Garak’ building across the street (Address: 405 Seocho-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul)Continue reading “Directions”

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