COVID-19 Prevention System

Korea’s Coronavirus response has been heralded as one of the best globally, particularly when it comes to how swift the country’s reaction to the virus has been. Korea wasted no time in implementing strong measures to curb the spread of the virus, without curbing citizens freedom of movement. Instead of enforcing a national lockdown, Korea expected its citizens and businesses to come together to help fight the virus. B&VIIT was one of the business that implemented early countermeasures to insure the health of all patients and staff without disrupting daily operations. B&VIIT’s aggressive protection measures included the following.

Robot, temperature, quick response

Firstly, B&VIIT introduced the very friendly and helpful cleaning bot, TELMI. TELMI is an AI marvel that will make you feel as if you have been transported into a Disney adventure film. TELMI can dance and sing, but most importantly, TELMI keeps you safe! TELMI shuffles about the clinic, using it’s frontal facing thermal camera to monitor patients’ temperatures. Thanks, TELMI!

Partition installation

At the recommendation of international health institutions like the WHO and CDC, B&VIIT also went about installing partitions throughout the clinic. We installed partitions at the entrance lobby between incoming patients doing their check in, and in-between consultation booths. We also erected partitions between each testing station, so that patients are kept safe during the two-and-a-half-hour testing phase. Small partitions have also been installed on some of the equipment to help stop certain particles from transferring between consultants and patients.

Partitions serve two very important functions: Firstly, they help intercept airborne droplets that are released when we speak and breathe, and secondly, they help reinforce social distancing measures by helping us maintain a safe distance from other patients at the clinic.

Social distancing at the clinic

The next step in our safety campaign at B&VIIT is adequate and efficient social distancing. In order to do this B&VIIT has created social distance space by eliminating adjacent chairs all throughout the clinic. This means patients will always have at least two meters between them and other people visiting the clinic. In addition to this the clinic has also spaced out tables to be sufficiently distanced from others. At B&VIIT we make use of private consultation rooms which serves as added measures to help slow the spread of the virus and make our patients feel comfortable.

Disinfectant and sanitization

Lastly, B&VIIT have installed multiple Nocospray machines around the clinic. Nocospray is a portable machine that prevents the spread of pathogens, in the air and on surfaces, with its disinfectant spray. Nocospray releases a constant aerosol that destroys 99% of pathogens and it helps to reach hard to reach places. We also have hand sanitizer available all over the clinic just in case somebody feels they need extra protection. Then it goes without saying that all our staff wear masks all the time and we also require our patients to keep a mask on during their visit at the clinic.

Commitment to protecting patients

B&VIIT is committed to the absolute safety and peace of mind of our patients. Due to our quick response to the pandemic we have been able to conduct our business as normal and would like to assure all incoming patients that we will continue our effort to insure their vision correction experience is as worry free as possible.

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