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B&VIIT boasts the biggest vision correction facility in Korea and therefore is a very popular choice among foreigners looking to get vision correction. Not only is it the biggest clinic in Korea, but it also boasts some of the best facilities and equipment as well as the use of cutting-edge AI technology to insure absolute accuracy when it comes to vision correction procedures.

Initial contact

Vision correction in Korea has become a very popular option amongst foreigners over the last decade. Tens of thousands foreign patients, either residents in Korea, or coming from abroad, choose to come to Korea to have their vision corrected for a variety of reasons. These reasons include: The affordable price in Korea, even more so at B&VIIT. Due to the efficacy of the clinic, B&VIIT has been able to streamline its process which allows the clinic to offer extremely competitive prices. Another reason is that Korea was one of the earliest countries to start performing vision correction surgeries and as such has the necessary experience to guarantee expert results, especially at B&VIIT. Also due to this efficient process, B&VIIT is able to accommodate a significant number of patients, which decreases the waiting time for appointments. In many cases appointments can be made in less than a week. The actual correction procedure merely takes one day!


B&VIIT has a fully integrated English department which allows incoming foreign patients to undergo a seamless experience at the clinic without any confusion or concern. Initial contact can be made via telephone, email, social media or online consultation. During which our English consultant will assist you with enquiries, bookings or just general information regarding the vision correction process.

Check in assistance

From the moment you arrive at our clinic you are met by our English consultant who will spend the rest of the day assisting, translating and advising you. This starts with the check in process whereby each patient’s details are submitted so that the clinic can create a personalized record in order to monitor progress.

Test procedure guidance

The testing phase will start with a DNA test to ascertain if patients have any genetic defects that might preclude them from undergoing certain procedures. The consultant will explain everything regarding the DNA test and why we have it done. The actual eye testing consists of 15 different steps that do over 60 tests. During this time, each step’s purpose is communicated to you.

Doctor consultation

After the eye tests are completed the patient will have a consultation with the ophthalmologist. Most ophthalmologists speak perfect English and will give you clear information of the condition of your eyes.


The procedure itself takes less than thirty minutes and before hand the entire procedure will be explained to you by the consultant. The consultant will inform you how long it will take and what to expect.


Aftercare is an essential part of the vision correction process and recovery instructions need to be followed meticulously. Therefore, our consultant will not only explain how to care of the eyes after the procedure but will also give you an information sheet that perfectly lays out care instructions.

B&VIIT has assisted thousands of foreign patients at our clinic and our experiences have always been positive and results satisfactory. Please check out our testimonials to see some of our past patient episodes.

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