What are the expected symptoms after laser eye surgery?

Symptoms after getting your vision correction surgery are very common and are usually a good sign. It means your body and eyes are healing. In some cases, the healing time can take up to six months but depending on the type of procedure you get it can also be just a few days of realContinue reading “What are the expected symptoms after laser eye surgery?”

How long does the corrected vision last? What about using the computer/screens intensively after laser eye surgery?

An important thing to know is that the human body is constantly changing and nothing remains constant. The same holds true for the development of our eyes. While it is true that laser eye surgery, whether it be LASEK, LASIK or SMILE, is permanent. It is also just as important to know that there areContinue reading “How long does the corrected vision last? What about using the computer/screens intensively after laser eye surgery?”

Peter’s ZEISS SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Peter Chun has been in Korea for a little over 2 years and after mentioning to a friend that he wanted to do vision correction they recommended him to B&VIIT vision correction center.  There are a few reasons why Peter wanted to get vision correction.  He was tired of having dry eyes from always wearingContinue reading “Peter’s ZEISS SMILE Eye Surgery Story”

Chamreon’s ZEISS SMILE Eye Surgery Story

Chamreon might be from the beautiful city of Phnom Phen, Cambodia, but he is no stranger to Korea. Chamreon moved to Korea eight years ago to complete his PHd degree. After graduation, Chamreon spent most of his time in the beautiful Eastern coastal city of Gangneug.  In order to pursue his career as a researcherContinue reading “Chamreon’s ZEISS SMILE Eye Surgery Story”

When can I not get SMILE?

What is SMILE? SMILE or, Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, is the newest advancement in the laser eye surgery and vision correction industry. SMILE is an improvement on the already well established and at its creation, revolutionary, laser eye surgeries LASIK and LASEK.  SMILE is also a type of laser eye surgery. During SMILE surgery theContinue reading “When can I not get SMILE?”

What is the best age to get laser eye surgery?

Introduction When asking the question: ‘What is the best age for vision correction?’ Unfortunately, as with all things medical, there is no hard and fast answer. Just as we have unique fingerprints and voices, so our eyes are also very unique. What might be good for one person at a certain age, might be ill-advisedContinue reading “What is the best age to get laser eye surgery?”

Kimberly’s LASEK Eye Surgery Story

Our next international patient story we have Kimberly Freno from the USA. Kimberly has been living in Korea for 9 years and absolutely loves it. An English teacher by trade who decided to take the opportunity during her holidays to get the procedure so she can rest and recover afterwards.  Kimberly was recommended to visitContinue reading “Kimberly’s LASEK Eye Surgery Story”

Laser Eye Surgery Safety and Success

In this article we will be exploring some of the most anxiety inducing questions prospective patients have when it comes to vision correction or having laser eye surgery. Even with millions of cases being performed globally every year some people are STILL skeptical about vision correction. Most of this fear is well justified, as nobodyContinue reading “Laser Eye Surgery Safety and Success”

One-day laser eye surgery at B&VIIT

Nobody likes spending time at the doctor, and if you do, you are definitely in the minority. But for most people, doctors visits usually involve getting something fixed that is broken. Given this fact most people find it preferable to spend as little time at the hospital or clinic as possible. Well at B&VIIT weContinue reading “One-day laser eye surgery at B&VIIT”

Sarah’s ICL Eye Surgery Story

Sarah Wright hails from Arkansas in the USA. She came to Korea as a sports specialist for the military. As one can imagine, being a sport specialist involves a lot of activity, in and outdoors. Being visually impaired can have an immensely impeding effect on life quality, even more so if you are a sportsContinue reading “Sarah’s ICL Eye Surgery Story”

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