Good Habits for Eye Care

Introduction (Prevention is better than cure) Prevention is better than cure. Surely you must have heard this many times before. This holds very true when it comes to eye care. When it comes to our eyes each and every person should be taking proactive steps to make sure you retain good eye health for asContinue reading “Good Habits for Eye Care”


By public transportation Please get off at Gangnam station (line number 2), and use exit #9. Go straight for about 3 minutes, then you will see a wavy structured building on your right. By car Preoperative examination / surgery Use the parking lot in the ‘Garak’ building across the street (Address: 405 Seocho-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul)Continue reading “Directions”

Celebs at B&VIIT

As we all know, A-listers and superstars are still only human like us. This means that just as many celebs need vision correction as your ordinary citizen. The question is, where do they go? The only answer is, B&VIIT! Why they trust us? When it comes to vision correction, we are the preferred choice. ChosenContinue reading “Celebs at B&VIIT”

Factory Clinic, Good or Bad?

What is a factory clinic? A factory clinic is usually described as a large clinic or hospital. Often times the entire building is owned by the hospital. Such a clinic usually has a large number of doctors on staff and even more nurses, consultants and operational staff. Factory clinics run very large operations, usually overContinue reading “Factory Clinic, Good or Bad?”

Foreign patients at B&VIIT

B&VIIT boasts the biggest vision correction facility in Korea and therefore is a very popular choice among foreigners looking to get vision correction. Not only is it the biggest clinic in Korea, but it also boasts some of the best facilities and equipment as well as the use of cutting-edge AI technology to insure absoluteContinue reading “Foreign patients at B&VIIT”

COVID-19 Prevention System

Korea’s Coronavirus response has been heralded as one of the best globally, particularly when it comes to how swift the country’s reaction to the virus has been. Korea wasted no time in implementing strong measures to curb the spread of the virus, without curbing citizens freedom of movement. Instead of enforcing a national lockdown, KoreaContinue reading “COVID-19 Prevention System”

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